Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Notes from Winemaker, Josh Beckett of Chronic Cellars


I have been good friends with the Beckett Brothers from Peachy Canyon Winery and Chronic Cellars for years. Josh Beckett (winemaker) currently has three Vino Vessels. They have two vv270 hippo tanks (the very first proto-type might I add) and one vv970 cylinder. He has given us a little insight on his experience with concrete tanks below:

For the second year in a row I have taken some of our Rhone white wines and fermented them in Vino Vessel tanks.

I am extremely happy with the wines. The fermentation tends to hold a steady temperature allowing for a nice and consistent fermentation. Sometimes ferments tend to get hot and the wine moves at a rapid pace. This can cause for some unwanted aromas and mouthfeel. With the slow and cool ferment via the concrete we are able to not blow off any good aromas while having a clean fermentation.

When the ferment is complete we have been able to leave the wine on the sur lees longer giving the wine a softer and rounder mouthfeel. At the same time we have noticed a fuller mid palate of these same varietals than we have in years passed as we are also aging these whites in the Vino Vessel.

We have also had great success fermenting reds again this year. We fermented Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Tannat this year in the Vino Vessel. In short I have noticed beautiful floral aromas from these varietals that I have not been introduced to in years past. At the same time the traditional aromas and flavors have been enhanced with the breathing of the concrete during fermentation without giving off flavors of a traditional barrel.


Josh Beckett

Greetings from a very wet California Coast!!!

WOW! When you'r local weather forecaster tells the world that he not seen a series of storms this powerful in his whole career he means business! Here in Paso Robles we are soaked, flooded and yet grateful for this much needed rain! I thought it would be the perfect day to sit down and write up a blog on the happenings of Vino Vessel, Inc.

Well, 2010 is the start of what looks like another great year for us here at Vino Vessel, Inc. We are getting lots of interest on the theory of concrete tanks, and we love every mintue of it! We are in full force currently fufilling a 5 tank order of the VV1083 Cubes. Similar to the tanks in the insert at the top of this blog.

These particular tanks are 1083 gallons with a large 55" Top Lid for easy bin dumping. Also we have had good response on our state of the art sizemic friendly legs. They are very sturdy - not to mention they don't look too bad either!

We welcome the opportunity to sit down and chat with you regarding the theory behind concrete vessels. Please give us a call!

Micah, President 805-238-2676

Ryan Render, Central California Sales 805-391-3286

Steve Edmunds, Northern California Sales 707-337-6444

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Le Familia de Vino Vessel, Inc.!

This is our very first blog for Vino Vessel, Inc. We would like to take a moment to introduce to you our Team! Since we are a family owned business it will not take very long.

Micah and Lacey Utter, President/Vice President are the owners of Vino Vessel, Inc. They are lifetime residents of Paso Robles "Darn Near Paradise". They have two small children and started their concrete vessel journey in 2007. After owning and running a successful Concrete Construction Company for over 12 years the Utter's decided to start a new venture.... concrete wine vats for storing and fermenting wine.
Our office manager Stacy Johnston, has been with us for a couple years now and is probably the sweet voice you will hear when you call our office. Shes there to answer your questions, and she can't she will point you in the right direction.
We currently have two sales representatives. Our central California Representative is Ryan Render. Being a winemaker and salesman already we found that he was a prefect addition to the Vino Vessel, Inc. Team!! Our other sales representative for the northern California territory is well renouned winemaker Steve Edmunds of Edmunds St. John Winery. We are thrilled to add his expertise and knowledge of winemaking to better help the customer with any winemaker questions they may have with their new tank!
We have several skilled craftsman in our warehouse where all the vessels are produced in Templeton, Ca. All of whom have been working with us for the last 3 or more years.
Anywho, That is who we are and in a future blog I will talk more about what we do! So please feel free to check out our website or stop in at our warehouse is you are interested in learning more about these state of the art vessels!
3850 Ramada Drive "C2", Paso Robles - Templeton, Ca